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Darshan van, Badhauta (Govardhan)

History of the site

When in Raas Gopis felt the sense of pride for being in company of Krishna, He thought of teaching them a lesson.  Krishna disappeared from the Raas and the gopis were in grief and in strong sense of separation. In desperation they went looking for him from one forest to another in the forests. Finally, it was here they fainted .Krishna then revealed Himself to them again, here in Darshan Van or the forest of revelation.
Apart from its cultural importance of being associated with the Raas Leela of Krishna Darshan Van is a natural habitat of a large number of migratory birds during the winters along with Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur, which is mere 50 kms from this forest.

Plight of Darshan Van

Now there is not much diversity in terms of botanical aspect of the area. Earlier this forest was full of beautiful trees like Kadamb, Pilu, Rubber but with the span of time it has lost its beauty and the land is overgrown by the thorny Kikar shrubs in the majority of the area. There are very few trees of Kadamb in the forest area.

Darshan Van as barren field

There is clay soil inside the forest, but because of the water logging inside it, the soil condition in most of the area is very poor. Proper treatment for rejuvenation is required. The water logging condition in the area also makes it difficult to get inside the forest.

There are very few wild animals in the forest. It includes numbers of rose cow, jackal, rabbit, and peacock. Earlier when this forest was in its full bloom, the wild life was also very rich but as this forest has degenerated it has also affected its wild life. This area is also an unrecognized Bird Sanctuary, because during the winter season many birds migrate to this area especially in and around Darshan Van. So this place also has potential to develop as Bird Sanctuary.

There is no water body inside the forest, except a kund outside of the forest named Darshan Kund, which is very famous, and during the Braj 84 Kos Yatra, Yatris make Parikrama of the kund. The kund is in the area of one acre. This is full of water for the whole year and being used by the community for bathing and cleaning clothes. The water table in the area is 15 ft below ground level.

Proposed development plan

Before starting the beautification of this sacred grove we propose to develop this forest. Since most of the area of Darshan Van is water logged, drainage channels will be formed for draining off excess water. The land is undulating. Appropriate low cost trenches and bunds will be provided to conserve the soil and water in-situ and slowly improve the land condition to support the plantation. The tested technologies will be adopted for the land development and water recharge.

We propose to fence the entire forest with barbed wire. The front of the forest will be fenced with ornamental grill and big gate. There will be a guard and equipment room and a pump room to ensure it’s perennial maintenance.

There will be a pathway inside the forest, stone benches, signage, amphitheatre, diorama of fainted Gopis and Krishna giving them darshan, some basic facilities for the Brajr 84 kos yatra, shilalekh with the history of the site and public utilities. We need about Rs. 3.18 Crores for this project.

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