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Airavat Kund, Jatipura (Govardhan)

History of the site

It is said that when Indra (the king of heaven) realized his mistake of underestimating child Krishna, he came here with his carrier elephant called Airavata and tendered apology to Krishna. At that time Airavat fetched the water from this kund and gave good shower to child Krishna (abhishekam).

Airavat Kund and its nearby Harji Kund are spreading in an area of 12 acres and are the best structures for water harvesting in Goverdhan area. This kund was last restored by the King of Bharatpur in 17th Century. Since then none took care of it.

Plight of the site neglected for two centuries

The kund was lying neglected for three centuries. It had dilapidated ghats, silted basin and encroached surroundings. It's natural sources of ground water were all blocked as a result the water of neighboring wells had become saline. A local NGO had in recent years construct the ghats of Harji Kund without having the understanding of the kunds dynamics. It has not only spoiled the natural water reservoir but has created an obstruction within this huge water body.

Braj Foundation takes the initiative

The Braj Foundation, with the financial support of Mr Kamal Morarka (Mumbai) started it's de-silting in June 2011. After several feet of de-silting of it's substantial area the natural springs located at it's basin were opened. As a result the water table went up and wells around this kund started giving sweet water.This development pleased the local community, because Goverdhan otherwise faces water problem.

Beautification Plan

The Braj Foundation proposes to construct and repair the ancient ghats, do heavy plantation on it's catchment area, create the diorama of the pastime of child Krishna and Indra and would also create pilgrims facilities and if budget permits a Sound & Light show to create the mood of this leelasthali. The financial assistance of a minimum of Rs One Crore is required to complete the project.Once completed Airavat Kund on Goverdhan Parikrama will please millions of people who pass through this spot round the year.


This historic kund is located on the parikrama marg of Goverdhan near Jatipura village. Goverdhan is 22 kms from Mathura.

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