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Mansa Kund, Pasoli (Mathura)

History of the site

During Mahabarat period it was here that Vichitravirya – son of King Shantanu and Queen Satyavati performed penance and self-immolated himself after doing a mental sin against Bhishma Pitamah. The story goes that Satyavati, the second wife and widow of King Shantanu of Hastinapur was a young lady when the King left for his heavenly abode. Bhishma – the son of King Shantanu & Ganga who took the vow of celibacy to protect the interests her foster mother Satyavati’s progeny felt that mother Satyavati should be kept in the company of shastras and noble thoughts so that she doesn’t go astray out of her youthful charms. Bhishma used to give satsanga to his mother till late nights and thereby slept in the same room as that of the mother. Though he was of her age.

Vichitravirya – the younger son of Satyavati was the King of Hastinapur at that time. Considering the young age of both Bhishma and that of mother Satyavati, doubts started engulfing his mind. To investigate into the conduct of the two, Vichitravirya decided to peep into the room where Bhishma used to give satsanga to his foster mother.

The day, Vichitravirya made this investigation, an interesting incident happened. Mother Satyavati had fallen asleep while listening to the satsanga and eventually one of her legs fell down from her bed.
When Bhishma noticed this, he entered into a dilemma. He started thinking that if he lifts off mother’s leg, his vow of celibacy gets broken and if he ignores the situation mother would have an uncomfortable night. Wisdom dawned on the illustrious son of Ganga, and he found a way out. He lifted off mother’s leg through his head and placed it on the bed again. On seeing all this, Vichitravirya was dumb struck. He started feeling guilty of unnecessarily doubting the integrity of a person like Bhishma.

The other day as soon as he greeted Bhishma in the palace, he posed a question to him as to what is the mode of repentance if someone has committed a mental sin against a mahatma. The learned Bhishma simply referred to the shastras and advised that such a person should self-immolate himself by doing penance to get rid of that sin.

Vichitravirya followed the kind advice of his elder brother and came down to this place to immolate himself through penance.

The penance of Vichitravirya has graced this place with a special boon. It has been ordained in the shastras that whosoever would come to this place and sincerely apologize for his mental sins by taking a ceremonious dip in the Mansa Kund would get relieved of the sins.

Plight of the site

The Kund was all dried up and the surrounding grove had become an abode for thorny bushes. The historic peepal tree had vanished but a small growth of the new tree were emerging from the root of the old ones. The kund was under the patronage of the villagers of Pasauli.

Braj Foundation’s effort to revive this

The research & planning wing of the foundation located this historic kund and motivated the local community for its restoration. The Board of trustees was delighted to give a go ahead for the de-silting operations. Sri Ramesh Baba – the inspiration behind the entire movement of restoring the pristine glory and grandeur of Braj inaugurated the work on May 29th, 2006 in the presence of hundreds of Brajwasis and saints besides the entire team of the Foundation.

As would be visible from the following photographs, the Kund has been dug up till the ground water table. Fresh water pockets has appeared at a depth of 35 feet from the ground level. Pipe line was laid to bring water from a neighboring source. This way the water balance of the kund would be maintained and the kund would remain filled with water perennially.

An expense of Rs 400,000 has been incurred so far in de-silting the Kund and cleaning of the surrounding kund complex from thorny bushes. The de-silting operation of the Kund has been sponsored by Mr Kamal Morarka of Gannon Dunkerley Group.

Proposed plan of restoration for Mansa Kund & Mansa Van

The Mansa kund needs to be filled up with clean water for which a well needs to be dug up at its centre and the water needs to sourced from the nearby canal. There is also a need to construct one ghat for facilitating the bathing and ceremonial ablutions.

The entire complex needs to be fenced with barbed wire for protection from animals and appropriate arrangements are to be made so that the entire grove turns beautiful once again.
A shilalekh carrying the history and importance of this site with due acknowledgements to the donors would also be installed at the site. We reequire Rs 1.26 Crores for this project.


This 11 acre complex is located in village Pasauli which is 6 kms off the Delhi-Agra National Highway from village Chaumuha which in turn is 10 kms from Vrindavan en-route to Delhi. This complex houses a 0.23 acre kund namely Mansa Kund which is surrounde

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