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Chandra Sarovar, Chaumuha (Mathura)

History of the site connected to Lord Brahma’s bewilderment

It is said that once during his numerous mischievous leelas, Krishna drank buttermilk from a friend’s cup. Lord Brahma, the creator, was amazed at the act especially since Krishna was known to be an incarnation of Vishnu and drinking from a mortal’s used cup was unacceptable behavior from a God.

Lord Brahma then grew very suspicious of Krishna’s real nature and to test it he made all cows and cowherd friends of Krishna disappear. Krishna at once understood this divine game and extended himself so that he himself took the form of all his missing cows and cowherd friends to replace them so that their absence would go unnoticed.Brahma realizing his mistake immediately asked for forgiveness through penance which he did at the site where Chandrasarovar is located today. According to legend Lord Brahma brought the Moon God (Chandra) with him who built this famous Chandrasarovar and in its clean and pure waters Brahma took a bath before he began his penance. As is obvious, the village gets its name ‘Chaumuha’ meaning the four heads of Brahma.

In India, there are only two temples of Lord Brahma, believed to be the creator of the universe. One is at the famous Pushkar near Ajmer ( Raj), the other is at Chaumuha in District Mathura.

Neglected for centuries- Braj Foundation takes the initiative

In spite of its significant historical and mythological importance Chandrasarovar had been lying in a neglected and deteriorated state. It had become the agriculture field. In 2003 The Braj Foundation began the restoration of this kund at the behest of Chaumuha’s saint Shri Narayan Baba and residents of Chaumuha Village. For months Braj Foundations earthmovers kept de-silting and digging at the kund. Meanwhile Braj Foundation’s in house architects created the designs and developmental plans of the site.

New Ghats are built

A large pucca kund was created by construction of the ghats and surrounding embankments. An intricately carved gate is also in the process of being installed at the site. The sculptures connected with it’s history have been carved out.

The Foundation has installed barbed wire fencing around the kund and an extensive landscaping and forestation drive will be undertaken.

Beautification Plan

Future developmental plans include the construction of a peripheral path for visitors, an amphitheatre, dioramas, tourist facilities, information centre, chattris and sound and light programme.

So far the financial support came from CMD of Gannon Dunkerley Group Mumbai Mr Kamal Morarkaji, who is also the founder chairman of The Braj Foundation.  Delhi based exporters Mr Vijay Mehta, Mr Lalit Gulati and Mr Ashok Logani extended financial assistance towards the construction of ghats of the kund . The Braj Foundation is trying to raise the funds to complete the remaining work of beautification. We need about Rs 1.77 Crores for this work. 

Proposed devlopment plan of Chandra Sarovar


Barely ten kilometers from Vrindavan on NH2 (Delhi-Agra road) is located Chaumuha Village which houses a historic pilgrimage site called Chandra Sarovar. This site has a very famous mythological story associated with Krishna.

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