Sankarshan Kund, Anyor (Goverdhan)
Sankarshan Kund, Anyor (Goverdhan)

Project - Sankarshan Kund, Anyor (Goverdhan)

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Sankarshan Kund, Anyor (Goverdhan)

Sankarshan Kund Restoration Begins

Sankarshan Kund was inaugurated by the most revered saint of South India His Holiness Tridandi Sri Sri Sri Srimman Narayan Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swami Ji and his disciple, Dr. Rameswar Rao J on October 1 2012. The inaugural function witnessed over 350 devotees from Hyderabad who came specially to participate in this auspicious ceremony. Dr. Rao pledged full financial support for this project. His wife and son Mr. Ranjit Rao also accompanied Swamiji on this occassion. A grand procession was taken out before the ceremony in which hundreds of Brajwasis took part with great enthusiasm. Interestingly, this kund has been the tapasthali of one of the great Acharya of Swamiji's sampradya. After performing the puja ceremony at the Kund, the gathering was addressed by Swamji, Dr. Rao and the Chairman of the Foundation Mr. Vineet Narain. The pictures below will give a glimpse of the ceremony.

The entire team of The Braj Foundation feels very encouraged with this causeless mercy showered upon us by HH Tridandi Sri Sri Sri Srimman Narayan Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swami Ji and believes that this beginning will lead to a ever lasting relationship of the Braj Foundation with the fortunate disciples of Swami ji. We also extend a very warm invitation to all His disciples from world over to come to Vrindavan to explore this eternal abode of Lord Krishna and join hands with us to make it the most beautiful destination for pilgrimage in India.

Latest pictures of the site

The above picture of the Sankarshan Kund is of July 2014, since then the local villagers have diverted the drain into the Kund and are everyday making new demands for their village, which is not the responsibility of our organisation. The work has been stopped and a solution is being worked out to pacify the villagers.

History of the site

Sankarshan Kund is one of the important sites of Braj. It is named after Lord Krishna’s elder brother Balram or Lord Vishnu, this kund has many spiritual powers. It is believed that bathing into it, liberates one from all the sins including Gau hatya. A temple of Lord Balram is in its close vicinity. It is believed that the deity here was installed, some 5000 years ago, by Shri Vajranabh ji, grandson of Lord Krishna. Vaishnavs from world over pay special obeisance here and feel blessed by taking a holy dip into it. There are many transcendental past times of several saints associated with this kund.

Neglected for centuries

For the last 50 years the kund was lying in the state of neglect and had become the garbage dumping ground for the local municipality. It’s surroundings had been encroached by the vested interests, who have constructed shops, houses, cow-sheds etc. after filling the earth at the bank of the kund. The dirty drains of Anyour village were falling into it, polluting its holy water. It had become the breeding ground for mosquitoes and was spreading foul smell.

Sankarshan Kund View

Restoration Plan

The proposed plan is to develop Sankarshan Kund in a geometrical figure. The design is simple with four beautifully carved typically Rajasthani Chattris, the possibility of erecting them will be explored after the de-silting of the kund. The Kund will also have an idol of Lord Vishnu on a Sheshnag. The design elements include elaborate use of vernacular Rajasthani elements, with rich carving. The Kund also serve as a catchment area for rain water. Efforts will be made to ensure perennial water supply to the kund. There will also be provision for the regular circulation of this water to ensure its oxygenation. The water will be lifted from main kund through electric pump and will be taken back to the kund. A lush green garden around kund will be developed for the pleasure of parikramarthis. We needed about Rs. 2.85 Crores for this project Swamiji and his disciple Dr. Rameswar Rao J, from Hyderabad have been very kind enough to donate Rs. 1 Crore for the restoration of Sankarshan kund.

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Located on the Parikrama Path of Goverdhan in the village Anyour, this spot is 26 kms from NH-2 from the Vrindavan turning. 50 million people pass through this kund annually.

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