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Charanamrit Kund, Jatipura (Govardhan)

History of the site

It is called Charanamrit kund, which literally means the holy water one gets after doing “Abhishek” of the lotus feet of the lord. Thus, the water of the kund is considered to be sacred and is considered as holy water obtained by washing the feet of the almighty lord.

Plight of the site

The present condition of the kund is desolate due to stagnation of waste water in the kund. As the kund is not being maintained properly, deposition of algae has taken place over the water in the kund. This has led to foul smell and this creates a condition which is not visually pleasant to see.

Though the kund is allied with great religious importance, it is not in a good shape presently. The areas surrounding the kund are also not in a pleasing condition due to stagnation of waste water and garbage deposition.

Braj Foundation's effort to restore it

In the year 2011 the Braj Foundation decided to restore the kund. The earthmovers of the foundation were put in action.

Concept of the Proposal for Revitalization of the kund: The area of the kund is not very vast but it has a lovely backdrop of the Govardhan Hill. Thus, the concept for the revitalization of the kund has been planned in a manner that it causes minimum visual barrier to the sacred Govardhan Hill.
The kund is designed to have a typical Rajasthani chattri, depicting the symbol of the pious feet of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. A stream of water will be designed to fall over the ‘charan’ of the lord and later flow into the kund making it ‘Charanamrit’ and thus, merging with the concept of the origin of the kund.

Beautification Plan

The water is designed to flow in two levels, falling into the main kund. The design elements include elaborate use of Rajasthani architectural elements. It will be constructed mainly using local materials like red sandstone and Dholpur sandstone.
The chattri has been designed with typical traditional and vernacular Rajasthani elements, with rich carving.
The kund has been planned in a way that it will also serve as a catchment area for rain water, helping in rain water harvesting and conservation of natural water.
The reflection of the chattri over the water in the kund will create visually appealing scenery.
Features like theme lighting and beautiful landscaping will also enhance the appearance of the kund, with the backdrop of the sacred Giriraj ji.


As most of the pilgrims start the Yatra from Dan Ghati, it is the first kund that comes on the way of the parikrama. It is strategically located as it is along the parikrama path and is a place of great importance.

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