Seva Kunj (Vrindavan)
Seva Kunj (Vrindavan)

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Seva Kunj (Vrindavan)

History of the site

Swami Hit Harivansh Ji, in 1590 discovered this spot. According to his realization it is here that Shri Radha Krishna every night performs Rass along with Sakhis. Since then followers of his sampraday maintain this sacred site and offer daily pooja seva to the presiding deity. It is a depiction of peace and serenity. The walls of the kunj have marbled tiles, engraved with the verses from Radhasudhanidhi. With stunted evergreen bushes which are regarded to be the sakhis of 'Sriji' in the legends and scriptures, its uniqueness lies in maintaining the time distance for visitors as it is believed that till today 'Sriji' resides there with 'Sakhis'-friends and perform "Raas"(holy dance) at night hours. Evidence (dispersed ornaments) has proved this belief to be true enough to accept.


Plight of the site

Due to the apathy of its devotees, Seva Kunj is in not so good shape. The passage between the street of Seva Kunj and the grove is dilapidated, the plants are in depressing condition due to gross neglect and lack of perennial water and the concrete structures are obsolete. The medieval age boundary wall is also in dilapidated condition. Below are the pictures of the different stages of the restored site which was dedicated to the public on 25th April 2015. Please click on each to enlarge. (Pictures are subject to copyright protection. Prior approval necessary for usage.)

Existing view of Seva Kunj (See more picture in Photo Gallery)

Beautification Plan

The Braj Foundation has started it,s total beautification project w.e.f. June 24th, 2011. We propose to reshape all the concrete structures into Rajasthani architecture, so to blend them with local mood. The soil is being organically improved and drip irrigation system with sprinklers is being installed to ensure perennial irrigation.

New plantation with traditional plants and trees is being done and the gardeners have been appointed to look after the plantation. Dioramas are being carved in Dholpur stone to be installed at various points within the kunj.

Proposed Development Plan of Sava Kunj - A Bird's Eye View

Current Status

The Lalita Kund located within the kunj has been de-silted and is now being restored and beautified. The parikrima marg will be covered with interlock grill and creepers to protect the pilgrims from monkey menace. For the care of monkeys a special enclosure is being earmarked to provide them food etc. Devotees will be encouraged to throw food stuff only in this enclosure. Beautiful fountains and ornamental glasses will be installed on the parikrima path. The temple will also be given complete facelift with white marble and pitra-dura work. The entire kunj will have tube music installed, where compositions of Shri Hitharivansh Ji will be recited in the morning and evening.

Proposed Development Plan

Glimpses of Inauguration Ceremony

Photo Gallery

Video Gallery


Located in the heart of Vrindavan, dist Mathura, this site can be accessed from NH- 2 at the Chatikara turning.

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