Gahvar  Van (Barsana)
Gahvar  Van (Barsana)

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Gahvar Van (Barsana)

History of Gahvar Van

Gahavar Van is where Radharani would come with Her Sakhis or when She wished to be alone. The rasik saint Nagaridas ji resided here whilst he composed paeans about the lilas of Shyama Shyam. Swami Haridas has also described the lilas at Gahavar Van in his compositions. This divine forest had been in a state of neglect. After 46 years of effort by Sri Ramesh Baba ji to preserve this grove, Gahavar Van was declared a protected forest, but it's condition did not improve. It had heaps of garbage. No plantation or irrigation facility and it's land was being gradually encroached by the villagers.

It was in such condition that Braj Foundation took the initiative to revive it. With the financial support of Rs. 10 Lakhs (2005) from The Indian Oil Corporation, it has now been completely restored. An 8 feet high interlocked grilled fencing, gate, pathways, benches, drip irrigation network and signage have been fixed. Irrigation facilities are in place to ensure perennial water supply to the trees and plants. heavy plantation has made it very attractive now. 

In addition to the above with the generous support of Rs. 8 Lakhs (2009-10) Mr.K K  Dammani of Kolkata, stone tableau of life size figures of 4 main Sakhis of Radha Rani and that of Divine Couple sitting on the bed of rose petals( carved in stone) has been installed to depict the Gahvar Van Leela of Shri Radha Krishna.  In addition to this facility for pilgrims at the gate of Gahvarvan has also been created with the help of Mr. Dammani. There are stone benches under trees and nice sitting area to relax while on parikrama of Barsana.

Gahavar Van Front Before and After Restoration (See more picture in Photo Gallery)

Grand Opening

On May 7th, 2011 a Grand Opening of the Gahvarvan took place. Besides 50 distinguished Marwari guests of Mr Dammani from Kolkota the Dy. Chief Conservator of Forest of UP Govt. Mohd Ahsan, Dy. GM (HR) Indian Oil Corporation, New Delhi also attended the opening ceremony. More than three thousand Brajwasis came from far off places such as Dauji, Mathura, Kaman & Vrindavan etc. Swami Kanhaya Lal's troupe performed transcendental Raas Leela. To the delight of the audience the Raas Bihari along with Radha Rani took a divine walk into the Gahvar Van amidst His leela. This was a rare sight, which was deeply relished by the saints and other people.HH Ramesh Baba gave an inspiring lecture before inaugurating the Van. He praised The Braj Foundation for it's efforts and blessed Foundation's team.

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Gahvarvan, a major grove, situated at the foot of Brahmagiri hills in Barsana, which is about 23 Kms from NH-2 at Chatta. It is considered to be the private estate of Radha Rani.


Appeal In the scripture named ‘Braj Bhakti Vilas’ there is a mention of 137 groves connected with the transcendental past times of the Devine Couple Shri Radha Krishna. Due to general apathy only two have survived. The rest have been reduced to dust or heaps of garbage. The Braj Foundation has decided not only revive them all but also to make them so attractive that the visitors may enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the same. In this process we have already revived Gahvar Van at Barsana and Ruchil Van at Mathura. Work is being done on two more forests.Our appeal is that if you find merit in our work and want to see Braj green and attractive then please come forward with your generous support so that we can make every forest of Krishna Leela in Braj as beautiful as Gahvar Van, Barsana has become.

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