Koiley Ghat (Mathura)
Koiley Ghat (Mathura)

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Koiley Ghat (Mathura)

Koile Ghat

The Historic ‘Koile Ghat’ of Yamuna from where Vasudev Ji (father of Lord Krishna) crossed Yamuna river, on the night of His birth (Janmashtami), has been fully restored and beautified. Prior to this it was lying neglected for several centuries.

Now an 8 ft. tall stone sculpture of Vasudev, carrying infant Krishna on his head, has been installed for the pleasure of tourists. It is so heavy that a crane was
summoned to unload it from the truck. In addition to this a 36 ft. wide, 16 ft. high ghat with 26 steps with a platform of 36 ft x 20 ft, covered with red stone, is ready to welcome you on your next trip to Mathura.

Interestingly this is the most attractive view point of Yamuna. From this ghat one can see Gokul across the river, Vrindavan on your left and Mathura on the right. No other point at Yamuna in Braj gives you such a magnificent view.

A stone plaque describing the history of this site is also installed at the ghat. A village level maintenance committee named ‘Koile Ghat Sanrakshan Samiti’ has been constituted to look after the ghat. The enthusiastic members take lead in organizing various festivals here like offering  125 thousand oil lamps every year on Yam Dutia (a day after Deepawali).

There are several dozen historic ghats like this on the banks of Yamuna where numerous leelas ofShri Radha Krishna were performed. All of them are in shambles and need immediate attention. In order to restore these ancient heritage ghats (banks) of river Yamuna a detailed study is being done by the research wing of Braj Foundation.  

Historic importance of Koile Ghat

To carry Krishna safely from the prison of King Kansa in Mathura, Vasudevji had to cross the river Yamuna to Gokul. Yamuna was anxious to touch Krishna’s feet and kept rising too achieve this. Balancing Krishna precariously on his head, Vasudev was overcome with a sense of panic when the rising water and rapid current of the excited river goddess swirled around his feet. “Koi- le ! Koi- le !” …he cried beseeching someone to take the baby as he felt he was being swept away. Since then the ghat is known as Koile Ghat.

The Divine baby lowered his feet for Yamuna to touch and as Yamuna subsided. Vasudev was able to cross over safely to Gokul.

Satellite maps reveal that this particular spot is indeed where Yamuna is shortest in it's width during her course in this region.

History got repeated after 5000 years

Summer of 2010 witnessed a rare site of this spot. After the heavy rains and flood in Yamuna, the water came over to the Koile ghat and Vasudevji was in the water up to his vaste. Exactly the way it had happened 5 thousand years ago when he was crossing Yamuna in the night.  Brajwasis and pilgrims were so thrilled to see this rare leela being re-enacted that they came here in large numbers, so to behold the memory in their eyes. To cover this event press photographers took great risk and entered the strong current of flood waters of Yamuna to capture this rare picture in their cameras. 

Grand Inauguration by Great Saints and Top Bureaucrats

The ghat was restored by The Braj Foundation with the donation of Rs 19 lakh by the Mundhra family of Bikaner and Kolkata. Ghat was dedicated to the public on Sept 28th, 2009 by HH Shri Ramesh Babaji, HH Guru Sharnanandji  with special guests Mrs. Ranjna Kumar (Member, Central Vigilance Commission of India) and Mrs. Radha Chowhan (Commissioner Agra Division).

On this occasion hundreds of saints and thousands of Brajwasis were present to participate in the fuction. The prison of Kansa was temporarily erected here to add color to the ceremony by the Mundhra family. They expressed their feelings in following words, ”We are so happy with the selfless work done by the Braj Foundation that we will encourage many more friends to extend their genrous support to this foundation for decorating Braj”. As a souvenir a wooden replica of this leela was presented by the Chairman of The foundation Mr Vineet Narain to all the distinguished guests.

Yamuna Pujan Sthali

If you want to perform Yamuna pujan in Braj, you may not find a better place than this. Unlike other ghats in Mathura where you have to negotiate your way through congested lanes, heavy traffic chaos and where no car parking space is available for you, here you approach this transcendental site very comfortably from NH2, opp. Mathura Refinery Township. A proper road takes you to Koile Ghat where there is enough place for parking, followed by lush green garden and natural beauty.

The ghat lays within the precincts of the 12.5 hectare Ruchil Van, a forest, which has also been revived by the Braj Foundation, with the generous cooperation of the Indian Oil Corporation, to whom this land belongs. They have pledged to maintain this as a green area.

Photo Gallery

  • Newly designed Sheshnag at Koiley Ghat
  • Newly designed Sheshnag at Koiley Ghat
  • Koiley Ghat during restoration
  • Koiley Ghat after restoration
  • Construction of Yamuna Devi Temple and Chhatri at Koiley Ghat
  • Deity of Yamuna Devi at Koiley Ghat
  • Construction of Yamuna Devi Temple at Koiley Ghat
  • Koiley Ghat before restoration
  • Koiley Ghat during restoration
  • Construction of Yamuna Devi Temple at Koiley Ghat
  • Koiley Ghat during restoration
  • Koiley Ghat during restoration
  • Koiley Ghat during restoration
  • Local villagers at the inauguration ceremony
  • Statue of Vasudev Ji carrying Krishna at Koiley Ghat
  • Statue of Vasudev Ji carrying Krishna at Koiley Ghat flooded with Yamuna
  • Saint Sri Ramesh Baba unveiling the Statue of Vasudev Ji carrying Krishna at Koiley Ghat
  • Statue of Vasudev Ji carrying Krishna at Koiley Ghat
  • Statue of Vasudev Ji carrying Krishna at Koiley Ghat

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Our appeal is that if you find merit in our work then please do come forward with your generous support so that we can make every ghat of Yamuna, associated with Krishna Leela, in Braj as beautiful as Koile Ghat, Mathura has become.

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