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Youth Orientation- Braj Rakshak Dal

No effort to restore Braj Heritage can succeed without involving the local community. Realizing this need our team established Braj Rakshak Dal in 2003 with following message to the local youth, “People from all over the world come to Braj to visit the places associated with Krishna but feel sad to see their pathetic condition. We as Brajwasis feel that we are responsible for this state of affairs. If we do not care for our grand heritage then who else will do this? Why will anyone from outside come & respect our heritage?” Hundreds of youth from the villages of Braj have been recruited to offer volunteer services during major festivals of Braj such as Hariyali Teej, Mudiya Poono, Holi, Janmasthmi etc.

Objectives of Braj Rakshak Dal:
  1. Protection of the environment of Braj: groves, water bodies, hills etc. and support Braj Foundation’s restoration efforts.
  2. To protect the heritage buildings of Braj.
  3. To drive out the curses of modern civilization from the geographical boundaries of Braj.
  4. To motivate the youth of all the 1300 villages of Braj and make them capable of developing their village as a truly heritage village.
  5. To fight the social evils prevailing in rural Braj.
  6. To engage the rural people in meaning full cultural activities.
  7. To make the people aware of their grand heritage and inspire them to protect it and maintain it.
  8. To serve Braj region with the support of all NGOs, Government machinery, sampradayas and well wishers of Braj.
  9. To remove all kinds of pollution from Braj including plastic, alcohol & fertilizers.
  10. To co-operate with The Braj Foundation & Government Agencies in arranging pure water & female toilets in Braj and to strive for their economical development.
  11. To find new areas of employment for the youth of Braj and to help these youth.
  12. To present the culture of Braj in a proper way in front of the whole world.
  13. With the help of Government, media & powerful people to work towards declaring Braj as a region of cultural heritage having global importance.

Youth_Orientation4 Youth_Orientation4
Braj Foundation volunteers managing crowd at Bankey Bihari temple during Akshay Tritya
Braj Foundation volunteers managing traffic in Vrindavan during Akshay Tritya

Braj Foundation volunteers managing shoes stall at Bankey Bihari temple during Akshay Tritya


Time to time, as per the availability of manpower and financial support, we have touched upon these areas. On some fronts we have succeeded and on others a lot has to be done. In this mission we mobilized some two dozen self motivated, highly qualified, experienced in social work and dedicated to Gandhian values people from all over the country. By restoring the poor conditioned ashram of a local couple, who is considered to be the front runner environmentalists of Vrindavan, we made the arrangement of their stay in this ashram. Our presumption was that because of the common interest this group will take the lead in community awareness and mobilization programme. Sadly enough this couple made life hell for them and within months this team had to leave Vrindavan. We are not mahatma, Acharya, Mathadheesh, Bhagwatacarya whose disciples can build our ashram to be able to give shelter to such sincere souls. We need enough hostel type space to be able to host such youths from all over the world, who are willing to come and serve voluntarily in Braj.


If you are interested in community work, if you are physically fit to take the strain, if you are financially self reliant and if you know the spiritual significance of serving Braj and Brajwasis you must contact us and take up small assignments to begin with. If you believe in this thought but can only support us financially then please do come forward to make this happen because this effort alone will bring major transformation in Braj, which we all look forward to.


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