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Braj restoration

“May Radharani give you the strength to decorate all the kunds of Braj like this.”

HH Ramesh Baba Ji


“All glories to you! It was a great pleasure to see Brahm Kund. You are victorious. You will remain victorious. May God give you the strength to rejuvenate entire Braj.”  
Padma Vibhushan Pt. Jasraj Ji

The Braj Foundation is a non-profit organization, established in December 2005 to restore and revitalize the environmental and cultural heritage of Braj Bhoomi (land of Braj)- the land of Shri Radha Krishna, which falls within the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Jaipur & Agra, most parts of which are lying in various stages of neglect for centuries despite its significant historical, cultural and tourism significance.

Initially established by leading industrialists from India & abroad, in a short span of 10 years the Foundation has achieved impressive targets of restoration and revitalisation across many sites in Braj Bhoomi. Presently, the Foundation is driven by and comprises of eminent personalities and professionals from different walks of life, all united with the single vision of restoring and revitalizing Braj Bhoomi.

The entire Braj region has a distinct and unique ecological, architectural and cultural heritage, which highlights the intertwined relationship between environment, people and the Supreme Lord. Therefore, its protection, restoration and revitalization should naturally follow, especially for the lovers of Indian culture.

The work done by Braj Foundation has attracted national and international appreciation at various forums, be in by governments, corporate or media. For the year 2014-15, 2012-13 and 2010-11, The Braj Foundation won UNESCO sponsored award as the best NGO for restoring ancient water bodies.

The Braj Foundation works through a combined strategy of collaborating with local communities, governments and local authorities as well as creating solutions using professional expertise, appropriate technology empowered by financial support from corporates, public sector, government and individuals.

The Braj Foundations works with a complete secular approach and ethos, which has been reflected in the fact that people from different religious backgrounds, including Muslims and Christians etc. work enthusiastically for achieving the objectives of the Foundation.

Accomplishments so far :
1. Restoration of 46 Ancient Water Bodies in different stages
2. Revival of 2 Groves, work on 4 more in progress
3. Protection of Hills & Regeneration of Green Cover
4. Master planning of Braj for UP Govt.
5. Restoration of 3 heritage buildings
6. Audio-visual documentation of Braj culture
7. Drinking water supply projects in some villages
8. Exhaustive scientific survey of Braj region
9. World-wide awareness campaign about the plight of Braj
10. Nine grand Braj Mahotsavs in different parts of the country
11. Special legislations for Braj protection

Sh. Narendra Modi seeing the power point presentation of The Braj Foundation

“The Braj Foundation is doing commendable work by renovating ancient sites of religious and cultural significance.”
Mr. Narender D. Modi
Prime Minister of India (7th March 2015)

“ I understand government has also done some work here (in Braj ) but not as beautiful as Rudra Kund has been renovated by The Braj Foundation. ”
Mr. Akhilesh Yadav
Chief Minister of UP (11th March 2015)

"The Braj Foundation team approached me some years back for the restoration of heritage sites in Braj region. I was impressed with their in-depth detailed study of Braj. They have a team of qualified engineers and professionals. They methodically plan each project with minute details and execute them with high quality of efficiency. What is more important that they utilize funds without any leakage. I will continue to support them."
Mr. Ajay Piramal
Chairman, Piramal Group, Mumbai

“Somethings are difficult to believe till you see them. The restoration of Brahma Kund done by the Braj Foundation under the leadership of Sri Vineet Narain is an amazing example. The feeling of peace, serenity and beauty is unique to this place. I compliment Sri Vineet Narain and wish him the best in his untiring efforts to revive and restore the great spiritual heritage of Vrindavan .”
Mr. Alok Ranjan
Chief Secretary of UP (30th June 2015)

“This is an extraordinary effort, and a great way to revive age old forgotten heritage and culture. This is an inspiring example for the youth of the nation. The Braj Foundation follows a systematic and scientific procedure in this whole development process, at the same time involving local and making them responsible which is essential for sustenance on a long term.”

Mrs. Ranjana Kumar
Former Vigilance Commissioner of India

“I had the opportunity to see the restoration of a heritage site (Brahm Kund) done by the Foundation. It is a commendable work done with great sensitivity”.

Dr. Subas Pani
Secretary, Planning Commission of India

“It is a tribute to what can be done with people’s participation. An excellent initiative, it would be our effort to support it in all possible manner.”

Mr. Atul Gupta
Chief Secretary Govt. of UP

“I would particularly like to place on record my deep appreciation for the contribution of The Braj Foundation, who with their enormous research & insights, field survey reports and their undergoing of the cultural history, have included many innovative ideas in the Tourism Master Plan. I hope this Master Plan would provide the basis for integrated development of tourism in the Braj region."

Mr. Susheel Kumar
Principal Secy. Tourism, Govt. of UP

"The Braj Foundation is doing good work for the community development and I have seen their accomplishments."

Mrs. Sushma Swaraj
Minister of External Affairs
Govt. of India
Kund Restoration
Most people do not know that Braj is the home of about 1000 beautiful historic kunds (water tanks). A large number of them are over 5000 years old and find mention in the folklore related to Radha-Krishna's divine pastimes.
Grove Revival
Braj comprises of over 137 sacred groves mentioned in the mythology and folklore built around Lord Krishna's life and times. Each garden-grove has a Krishna related narrative attached to it. In fact, the names of a large number of villages
Hill Regeneration
Very few people know that there are a number of beautiful exotic hill ranges in Braj. Laden with dense forests these hills have prevented the desertification of the region. These heritage hills of Braj are being brutally destroyed just for masonry stone.
Tourism Master Plan
A Tourism Master Plan of Braj worth Rs. 2000 crores has been prepared by The Braj Foundation in a consortium with IL&FS IDC and the same has been approved by the Chairman UP Advisory committee, Chief Secretary and DG Tourism U.P. .

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